COVID-19 Accommodations

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Faculty, graduate assistants, and staff members who are at increased risk for severe illness as defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), or who have other risk factors, may seek the modifications to their work environment or other reasonable accommodations.

Accommodations for an individual’s own health condition, COVID-19 related or not, will continue to be handled through the university’s standard process, following the guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA). Any individual with a need for an accommodation due to their own health condition should follow the steps below.

This confidential process is coordinated through the ADA Office. Although supervisors will be involved in the reasonable accommodation process, confidential information about your medical condition, including any provided medical documentation, will not be shared unless authorized by the employee.

What are the qualifying reasons for requesting a modification as a COVID-19 related accommodation?

  1. An employee may request an accommodation when they meet criteria as defined by the CDC for increased risk for COVID-19 complications, and the employee’s health care provider has advised that they modify their work environment to reduce COVID-19 exposure.
  2. An employee has a disability or health condition, other than those defined by the CDC, which interacts with COVID-19 and their physician recommends accommodations to reduce exposure.

After reviewing this information, if you would like to request a COVID-19 related accommodation due to your own health condition, please follow the three steps outlined below:

  1. Complete the COVID- 19 Accommodation Request Form
  2. Obtain verification from a physician using the COVID-19 Medical Verification Form
  3. Return the COVID-19 Medical Verification Form or physician note to using MOVEit, or request the physician fax it to 618-453-5700, or request that they use an alternative means of secure document transfer.

You will be contacted to discuss your request. You may elect to discuss your request for accommodation with your supervisor or director, but you are not required to disclose specific medical information to them. You will still be expected to abide by all SIU Carbondale, procedures and performance expectations while participating in an accommodation plan.

For Supervisors, Directors, and Deans:

Effective for the May 3, 2021 return-to-campus date, please refer any employee requesting accommodations due to a high-risk medical condition to the ADA Office.

Once the employee makes the request, you will be contacted to discuss the requested accommodations, the essential elements of the position, as well as the operational needs of your area.

Remote work is not the only possible accommodation which could be effective in mitigating COVID-19 risks. Other options may be available based on the employee’s limitations and the operations of the employment area. If remote work is recommended by the ADA Office, the employee and supervisor will need to complete a Remote Work Agreement form and submit to Human Resources.